Our team of enthusiastic, energetic

Nguyen Long is a young company (established in 2007) which specializes in food processing and trading. Born in a strictly competitive business environment with an increasing number of counterfeit and low quality products,  Nguyen Long Co. always realizes the roles of its product quality and  food hygiene and safety in building trust with the Customers.

With its motto “Quality is the foundation for Customers’ Trust”, Nguyen Long Co. has been gaining the love and trust of its Customers thanks to its product quality and services.


From the two main products since establishment, which are jelly powder (used to make kelp-coconut and fruit jellies) and instant coconut cream powder, Nguyen Long Co. has developed 10 more products in the categories:  Desserts, Healthy Drinks and Food Spices.


With its commitment of quality and affiliation, Nguyen Long Co. has been cooperating with other food processing companies and applying international quality management systems such as: ISO, HACCP, etc… to ensure its high quality products and safety for the Customers, assuring its position in the domestic market and enhancing its access to the global market.